About Us


A friendship that began in 1998. A casual conversation amongst friends in 2014. A social enterprise born in 2015.

We are the founders of Euforia Singapore, and this is our story.

We are three individuals who not only share a longstanding friendship since our secondary school days, but also a shared interest in social causes. This led to a dinner conversation in 2014, where we shared our personal experiences and discussed the plight of the smaller Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) in Singapore.

We were all in agreement that the smaller NPOs all faced similar problems:
Lack Of Awareness

In Singapore, the NPOs that gather a higher level of awareness, are typically the ones who:

  • Support a cause or illness that the public perceives to be more worthwhile or serious, i.e. Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, etc;
  • Have wider media coverage; and
  • Receive more funding and donations that allow them to conduct more Promotional & Public Relations activities.

In such a competitive landscape, where so many NPOs are vying for the attention of individuals, there will tend to be organisations that fall by the wayside. 

This results in many of the less popular and less well-known NPOs to suffer from a lack of awareness amongst the wider community.

Lack Of Education

There is a lack of understanding amongst individuals of the causes that the smaller NPOs support, and the issues that their members and their families face.

In order to garner more support for their causes, educating the community is extremely essential. Unfortunately, the smaller NPOs do not have adequate funding or professional expertise to do so.

Using the televised charity shows as an example, in order to encourage viewers to make donations, they frequently feature stories of members of the various featured NPOs. These stories tug at the heartstrings of individuals, and tell the community the issues or difficulties that the NPOs and their members face.

Many of the lesser-known NPOs have members who suffer from similar issues or worse, and more needs to be done to educate the community that there are many others out there who also require their help or assistance.

Lack Of Funding & Donations

Many individuals tend to not donate to NPOs that they are not familiar with, or whose cause they are not supportive of. This has a major impact on how the NPOs can help their members.

From our experience speaking to them, many of the smaller and lesser-known NPOs face problems with funding.  As a result, their hands are tied when it comes to how much they can help each individual member.

The number of activities that the NPOs can carry out for their members, is also reduced, and dependent on the amount of excess funds that they have.

Lack Of Professional Volunteers

There are many professionals whose services or expertise are useful skills that the smaller NPOs can benefit from.

Professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, Branding/Marketing/Public Relations Consultants, and Graphic Designers, just to name a few.

Many of such professionals are not volunteering their services to the NPOs, especially the smaller ones. Their help can alleviate many internal structural problems that NPOs face, and assist the NPOs tremendously by freeing up valuable resources for other purposes.

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