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Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful

Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful is a movement started by Euforia Singapore that is focused on engaging more Singaporeans to support and take part in social causes.

In support of this movement, a number of celebrities, social media influencers, and retailers have kindly donated a collection of new and pre-loved apparel for sale.

All sales proceeds will be donated to our Beneficiary Partners – Animal Lovers League & Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).


In support of Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful,

the following Celebrities & Social Media Influencers

have kindly donated a collection of pre-loved apparel for sale.

Popular retailers have also donated new apparel for this meaningful campaign.

All sales proceeds will be donated to our Beneficiary Partners: Animal Lovers League & Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).

Scroll Below To View The Celebrities, Social Media Influencers, & Retailers Who Have Donated Items For The Charity Sale

Note: As this is a charity sale where ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to our beneficiaries,

ALL items sold are Non-Refundable, Non-Returnable, and Non-Exchangeable.

We seek your kind understanding for this.

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Paul Foster


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Eden Ang

EDEN ANG YouTube Personality / Singer / Actor / Dancer

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Maddy Barber

MADDY BARBER Radio DJ / TV Host / Emcee

Euforia SG_Sonia Chew

SONIA CHEW Radio & TV Personality

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Simone Heng

SIMONE HENG Radio Personality / Emcee

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Seraph Sun

SERAPH SUN 孙欣佩 Actress / Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Rachel Wong

RACHEL WONG Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Audrey Goh

AUDREY GOH Lifestyle Influencer

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Sally Yeo

SALLY YEO Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Melody Yap


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Benjamin Toh


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Amanda Ling

AMANDA LING Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Terence Then

TERENCE THEN Lifestyle Influencer

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Ng Ee Xuan

NG EE XUAN Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Cordelia Daphne Low

CORDELIA DAPHNE LOW Miss Universe Singapore 2013: 2nd Runner-up / Founder: Anticipatingdiva

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Tay Ying

TAY YING Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Nicole Low

NICOLE LOW Lifestyle Influencer

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Cheng Kai Ting

CHENG KAI TING Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Amanda Yong

AMANDA YONG Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Lim Junying

LIM JUNYING Runs Home-based Nail Salon / Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Janice Leong


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Qing Yu

QING YU Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Juliana Stryker

JULIANA STRYKER Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Beatrice Lee

BEATRICE LEE Lifestyle Influencer

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Crystal Phuong

CRYSTAL PHUONG Fashion & Travel Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Daphne Xiao

DAPHNE XIAO Lifestyle Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Fiona Tan

FIONA TAN Miss Top of the World (Plus Size) 2016 | Miss Plus Size of the World 2016

Euforia SG_Project MSM_Melissa Fann

MELISSA FANN Entrepreneur / Founder: The Wellness Insider / Wellness Blogger

Euforia SG_Project MSM_The Tinsel Rack_Logo


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Covetella


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Amos Marcus_Logo


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Vrinda Lekhi


Euforia SG_Project MSM_13 Rushes_Logo


Make A Direct Donation To Our Beneficiaries

To help our beneficiaries further in assisting them with the funds to run their programmes, click on their logos below to make donations of $10, $20, $50, and $100.

Animal Lovers League_Logo

Animal Lovers League

The sales proceeds from Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful will help us in the following ways:

  • Cover the monthly expenses of the shelter, which include the following:
    • Shelter rental;
    • Food for the animals; and
    • Medical help and supplies for the animals.
  • Assist the community of stray feeders that we work with.
    • They require help with the stray cats and dogs under their care.
    • So, we try to raise funds to help them with the food and medical expenses that they incur while helping the strays.
  • Funds to facilitate logistics and to move to new premises at the end of the year.
    • The funds will be used to build and construct kennels in our new premises, in order for us to provide a conducive living environment for the animals under our care.

About Animal Lovers League

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a registered charity and home to about 700 dogs and cats, and the animals under their care consist of vagrant strays, abandoned, traumatised, abused and rescued animals.

ALL is strictly no-kill. ALL aims to encourage the public to adopt instead of buying animals, and endeavour to rejoin the animals at ALL with loving and committed families.

Some of the many different tasks that founders, Cathy and Mohan, as well as volunteers carry out to care for the animals include feeding them, treating sick animals, bringing them for veterinary check ups and when they are sick or injured, vaccinating them against illnesses, and neutering/sterilising them. In addition, ALL also feeds hungry strays on the streets.

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

The sales proceeds from Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful will help us to continue running the following programmes:

  • Adult Enhancement Programme (AEP)
    • The AEP is a one-stop transitional programme that provides a spectrum of services for our adults with Down syndrome.
  • Independent Facilitation Support Programme (IFSP)
    • The IFSP is a programme that supports the enrolment of children with Down syndrome in regular kindergartens & mainstream primary schools.

  • Family Support Services Programme (FSS)
    • The FSS Programme reaches out to parents of persons with Down syndrome by enabling them to work in an informed manner.
    • The endeavour is to ease the stress of the parents by providing a better understanding of the common issues faced, by bringing in experts to share their knowledge and skills with them.

About Down Syndrome Association (SG)

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) is a self-funding, non-profit voluntary welfare organization with IPC (Institute of Public Character) status, which works closely and regularly with healthcare and educational professionals, and voluntary welfare organizations.

The Association is affiliated to international bodies such as Down Syndrome International (DSI), the Asia-Pacific Down Syndrome Federation (APDSF), Asian Federation of Mental Retardation (AFMR) and the International Association of the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID).

About Euforia Singapore

Euforia Singapore is a social enterprise that runs MyEuforia.com.sg, an online marketplace where customers can enjoy a shopping experience like no other, where you can buy products you like, and also give back to society.

This is part of our mission at Euforia Singapore, which is to enhance and improve the lives of the needy & disadvantaged by helping our Beneficiary Partners increase their Funding, Awareness and Volunteer levels.

We hope that when you learn more about us, you can understand and share in our desire to help change the social landscape in Singapore.

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Packing Event Highlights Video

Check out the highlights video of the Packing Event we held at the office of Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) on 26th October 2017.

Start Donating Now

For Every Purchase You Make For The Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful Campaign, We Donate All Of The Sales Proceeds To Our Beneficiaries.


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