About Perfume

The world-famous classic fragrance which has been positively influencing body, mind, and spirit for nearly 220 years now. The unique fragrance composition is still a closely guarded secret.

What is Sniffit?

Sniffit was founded from the intrinsic problem and difficult nature of perfume testing which had disallowed millions of perfume users around the A1:R226 to not be able to test perfume accurately. Luckily Sniffit was coined from our founder and is able to solve that! PerfumeStore bottles 5ml bottles for users to test their perfumes at the most realistic conditions amidst users’s daily schedule!




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It all began in 2008 when our founder, Robin Lim, was looking for a niche perfume locally but to his surprise, he wasn’t able to find it in such a globalised city. Many perfume brands were actually not available in Southeast Asia despite the huge demand in the region. Being a perfume enthusiast, Robin discovered the need and decided to bridge the gap.

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