Whitening cream for your bikini area


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– Dark bikini area can have serious impacts on a woman’s self-esteem. Whitening cream containing natural plant Ingredients will help lighten and moisturize the darkened skin in the intimate area.

– We use selection of organic raw materials from Italy. A special formula was created by relying on the principle of phytotherapy mixed with Eastern medicine principle for le bois’s original product. Proven by the clinical research data, products are formulated to draw out the plant power based on golden proportion.

– We have obtained ICEA certification which is an internationally recognized trademark for quality and given only to companies that uses organic ingredients. Our Intime Organique insists that only the very highest quality ingredients are used in any of our products.

– Directions:
ake a 50 cent coin amount (about 2 ml) onto the palm of your hand and apply gently to the concerned area.
1. Take an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hand
2. Apply gently to the concerned areas, nipples and armpits

– Ingredients:
CAPPARIS SPINOSA – Capparis spinosa which is familiar to European people comes from the Mediterranean coast. It is recommended to use after the use of razor and hair removal creams.
ORANGE – It promotes the skin elasticity and softness. It is also beneficial for the dark and dry skin.
OLIVE LEAF – From the ancient time, olive leaf has been frequently used in the Mediterranean. It improves the skin’s hydration, elasticity and firmness.
SUNFLOWER SEED OIL – Sunflower seed oil extracted from sunflower seed. It contains high levels of vitamin E (tocopherol) and has emollient effect. It has a fresh scent.


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