If you’re addicted to crunch, you’re going to love this. Don’t miss out when everyone is snacking away!

These cookies are nut free. Sunflower seeds are not only a good source of Vitamins E and B, they’re also rich in minerals like copper and selenium. Perhaps it’s this unique combo of nutrients that gives them this special, natural sweetness, making them so tasty.

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, Arrowroot Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Natural Baking Soda

50g/pack. Keep air tight. Once opened, consume within 1 week.


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Bakening is built upon the belief in eating real food, trusting that nature knows best. All goodies found here are flourless, Paleo & Vegetarian/Vegan, and are free from grains, gluten, dairy, refined/artificial sugar, grains, soy, additives, gums, colourings and preservatives. ♥

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