Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)_Infant Toddler Programme 1

About The Programme

  • This is a holistic, play-based, child and family-centred programme.
  • Home visits and centre-based programme which will draw on evidence-based practices.
  • Intervention designed to be culturally appropriate.
  • Works collaboratively with the team around the child (parents, family members and caregivers)
  • It offers parent / family education.
  • Experienced and well qualified teachers and therapists will lead the programme.
  • Ecologically based assessment, individual planning, teaching strategies and evaluation.
  • The programme is supported by:
    • Ongoing mentoring by a highly qualified and experienced early intervention educator from New Zealand.
    • Early intervention teachers from New Zealand and Singapore.
    • Occupational Therapists.

The Importance Of Parent-Child Interactions
Parents share a unique relationship with their children and this continues to develop over a lifetime.

It is understood that through parents’ warm, loving responses to their infants and toddlers during daily routines that important reciprocal parent-child interactions are established.

These important interactions are based on a family’s cultural patterns and beliefs and cannot be underestimated in the way they influence a child’s development. Social emotional competence grows from these early parent-child interactions and from this, a child’s cognitive abilities emerge.

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