Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)_Family Support Services 1

DSA’s FSS reaches out to parents of persons with Down Syndrome by enabling them to work in an informed manner. The endeavour is to ease the stress of parents by providing a better understanding of the common issues faced, by bringing in experts to share their knowledge and skills with them; and to provide information or referrals to other services they may need to avail.

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)_Family Support Services 2

Key Programmes Under Family Support Services:

  1. Parent Mentorship Programme
    • To guide and journey with other fellow parents or new parents
  2. Educational /life planning counselling
    • Discussion on different educational pathways for children
    • Life opportunities and planning for adults
  3. Knowledge-/skills-based talks and workshops related to:
    • Healthcare
    • Development /growth
    • Legal issues
    • Parenting
  4. Family Enrichment and Bonding activities
  5. Assistance and guidance to new parents or expectant parents
  6. Outreach Programmes
  7. Resource Library comprising of books and educational toys for parents to borrow

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