DSA’s Children’s Education Services (CES) seek to promote services for children with Down Syndrome from birth to the age of 18.

These services include:

Educational Planning Service (EPS)

EPS assists parents with their planning of the most appropriate educational pathway for their children from birth to age 18.

Integration Facilitation Support Programme (IFSP)

IFSP provides additional support to children with Down Syndrome who are attending primary schools and kindergartens. Since 2009, the Tripartite Collaborative Approach adopted by DSA(S) with educational institutions and parents have helped children with Down Syndrome to thrive in the mainstream education.

Educational  Enrichment Programme (EEP)

EEP helps to look for providers of educational enrichment activities that are appropriate for children with Down Syndrome from ages 4 to 18.  The primary focus of this service is to support the learning of functional literacy and numeracy skills. When there are appropriate providers, the activities will be managed by the “Programme & Enrichment”.

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