The AEP is an existing skills-enhancement programme run by DSA for persons with Down Syndrome and/or Intellectual Disability aged 18 years and above.

The programme accepts those who have completed schooling and have made the choice to enrol in the AEP. The AEP adopts a person- and family-centred model in delivering a programme focused on functional life-skills. It takes into consideration the attained development stages of each adult learner and their aspirations.

As personal development occurs in a continuum, each adult learner gains knowledge and learns skills that enable them to function optimally with minimal dependence on family and society.

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)_Adult Enhancement Programme 1

The AEP is a one-stop transitional programme that provides a spectrum of services including:

  • self-management of personal needs
  • essential skills for daily living (e.g. food preparation, money management, independent travel, etc.)
  • securing and sustaining employment
  • social inclusion
  • talent development through art and craft

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)_Adult Enhancement Programme 2

The design of the programme takes into account the maturity and developmental growth of the individual adult learner in achieving their potential for a better quality of life.

Class Day Time Venue Age Group
Adult Enhancement Programme (AEP) Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm DSA Centre, J8, Bishan 18 years and above

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