Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful is a movement started by Euforia Singapore that is focused on engaging more Singaporeans to support and take part in social causes. In support of this movement, a number of celebrities, social media influencers, and retailers have kindly donated a collection of new and pre-loved items for sale. All sales proceeds will be donated to our Beneficiary Partners – Animal Lovers League & Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).


Euforia SG_Project MSM_Kanny Theng

Kanny Theng, at first sight, is a lovely girl next door with a pair of talking eyes. Not to be mistaken by her demure appearance, she has a spontaneous personality that fuel her full of passion in whatever she set out to accomplish. Kanny is a breath of fresh air in the media industry, especially with her boracious appetite for dancing and aggressive sports.

Kanny inspired to be able to take on various different and challenging roles in the future, her growth as a performing artistes will be bound to exceed expectations and her becoming a star of tomorrow is nothing less than an expected product of time.

Hosted several TV programmes on local and overseas TV station such as Channel 8, Channel U and TVBS. Co-hosted with local TV Host Mark Lee on a local variety show. Currently working alot on events and dinner emceeing.

Effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, armed with a Mass Communications and Psychology Degree. Also an an abstract artist, specializing in her abstract and creative work.

Having studied in Higher Chinese in school, it adds another dimension as an emcee to dynamically connect with audience from various walks of life with highly specific and accurate choice of communicative words.

As a multi-bursary and scholarships recipient, ace in both academic and co-curricular activities.

In 2017, Kanny had her first starring role as social worker ‘Joey’ in the local New Year movie ‘Take 2’ executive produced by Singapore’s acclaimed director, Jack Neo.

Other than being an artiste, Kanny is also an abstract art painter and had her first solo art exhibition in 2016. She is currently on 883 Jia Fm as a DJ in the morning show ‘早晨最劲爆’.

She is also currently hosting and emceeing for various events from small scale product launches to major Southeast Asia dinner and dance and numerous carnival. She is also in the highly raved TV Variety 女人我最大 Ladies First.