Paul Foster is an entertainment industry veteran with over a decade of experience under his belt. A Singaporean of mixed parentage, Paul started off in reality and variety shows as early as 2002 and he has since successfully built a name for himself across the tri-factor in the entertainment industry as an: Actor, Model and Host.

Representing himself on and off TV screens around the region, Paul has covered acting in dramas for HBO Asia, Mediacorp Channel 5 and Mediacorp Suria, but has also ventured into the travel host realm for Channel News Asia, Okto and Channel 5. In between filming for these shows, Paul is a successful emcee for live events such as product/store launches, Gala Dinners, D&D’s, Press Conferences and other various media events.

Outside of his television, hosting and modelling assignments, his affable and warm personality has made him a popular ambassador for brands including Under Armour, but also charitable causes and organisations such as the Animal Lovers League, Habitat for Humanity Singapore and the Happy Hearts Foundation Indonesia.

Here in this interview, he shares with us his passion for animals, his work as the Ambassador for Animal Lovers League, and the importance of giving back to society through Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful.

Q: Let us know more about yourself and what you do.

I try to be a jack-of-all-trades really. But my main work sees me covering the entertainment industry primarily as an actor and a host. I also try to be active on volunteering and charity whenever I can, so Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful is a great way to help raise awareness and money for great causes.

Q: You are the Ambassador for Animal Lovers League (ALL). Can you share more about your work with ALL, and how you initially got started volunteering there?

ALL reached out to me a few years ago, and when I visited the shelter, I knew immediately that they needed help. Since that day, I made a commitment to help not only the animals there, but also to the people who work tirelessly 24/7 to take care of them. I even adopted my beautiful cat Jewel from ALL, in support of one the main initiatives we try to advocate: #AdoptDontShop 

Q: For our readers out there who are unfamiliar with ALL, can you share more about what makes ALL special and different from other animal shelters in Singapore?

ALL is Singapore’s oldest and largest NO KILL animal shelter with approximately 300+ cats and dogs. It is different to the other shelters for these reasons mainly, but all the Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) are in significant need for our help, love and support whether it may be in terms of volunteering, fostering, medical supplies, food or money.

Q: Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful is a movement by Euforia Singapore focused on engaging more Singaporeans to support and take part in social causes. How important is this movement in your opinion, and how would it help charities and non-profit organisations in Singapore?

First of all, this is a great initiative. For me it really came at the perfect time as I was in the process of decluttering my life, so I have been donating and selling things that I just don’t need or use anymore. Movements like this are just that, for the social good. This works on both social consumerism and on raising funds for the charity and non-profit in question.

Q: Thank you for your support of the Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful: Pre-loved Apparel Campaign. It was great seeing you at the Packing Event held at the office of the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) [DSA(S)]. What made you interested in supporting our campaign?

It was my absolute pleasure. I knew that just donating items for the cause was one thing. But I also believe that by volunteering or at least showing support in person is also important. The main reason to join any movement is to really try to help in which ever way possible. Being invited to help ALL primarily, and subsequently DSA(S), was all but enough to be a part of Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful.

Q: Finally, any last words to our readers?

Just support us!!! If you happen to see an item that you like or that you think someone would like, buy it!!! Christmas is just around the corner, so with the launch on 2nd December, this is the perfect place to buy presents. With the profits going to ALL and DSA(S), you could make Christmas this year special for so many people and animals 

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