Simply Allegra was founded by two sisters in 2005, and introduced Simply Allegra Kids later on to provide classic and fun children garments, as well as accessories, hampers and many other items. We are delighted that Simply Allegra Kids are listed on our platform,, as we love their products and designs. Felicia Chua, one of the founders of Simply Allegra Kids, has kindly shared with us more about this wonderful brand, and do read on to learn more about her, and their products.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have always dream of being a fashion designer with my own runway show. This is one of the steps I have been taking towards fulfilling that dream in the past 3-4 years.

Q: Can you tell us how Simply Allegra Kids started.

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Purveyor and creator of beautiful handicraft, is a subsidiary of which was founded in 2005 by two sisters living across continents aiming to bring a bit of Asia to Europe. was founded initially to bring classic yet fun children garments to your door, but has since expanded to providing accessories, hampers and lots more!

Our Mission cannot be any simpler… We Simply want everyone who comes through our ‘e-doors’ to leave feeling Happy, with a piece (or two, or three or more!) of in their shopping bag.

Q: Did you always want to do this, or was it something that just happened naturally?

I believe that one needs to be prepared and ready for every opportunity that comes along. I have always wanted to do design and this opportunity appeared out of the blue but I was ready to seize it. 

Q: How would you describe your brand & your products?

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We love to play and we want to incorporate that playfulness in all our products. All our items are whimsical and fun, which reflect our belief that there is a child in every one of us at any age.

Q: What is unique about your business that differentiates you from this very competitive industry?

We strive to deliver the best quality for every piece at affordable prices and fulfilling our commitment to having fun and beautiful designs.

Q: What is your ultimate goal or dream for Simply Allegra Kids?

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For every child to own a piece of our Happy garment!

Q: Euforia Singapore is a social enterprise with a mission to help Non-Profit Organisations and their members. Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) part of your plans for your brand?

Although we are currently a small start-up, we are mindful of the impact we have on the society and our environment – in terms of how our products are manufactured, the waste we generate….to name a few areas of concern.

Q: Can you share any of your personal volunteer or CSR-related experiences with our readers?

I have always wanted to contribute to the community, in any way I can. Since my school days, I have been involved in volunteering work. As a Leo Club member in my college days, I provided tuition to underprivileged and at-risk adolescents among other activities. In most recent months, I was heavily involved in organising fund-raising events for a local philanthropy organisation.

Q: Any final words for our readers?

Our secret weapon is in our packaging. You owe it to yourselves to experience it 😉

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