Founded in early 2014 with an aim to provide various cheap and trendy accessories to consumers, Pyzis has evolved from being a simple accessories shop to a full-fledged fashion site. Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mirai Ang, founder of Pyzis, as she shares more about herself, Pyzis and their products.

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Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m a first year student studying business, and I really like thrift shopping and travelling, as well as expressing myself through visual art and poetry. You’ll find that lots of the products that Pyzis offers are tied in to these interests, so you get cheap and beautiful items based on inspirations from all over the globe 🙂 

Q: Can you tell us how Pyzis started.

We started from a humble little accessories shop on Carousell, set up as a side hobby. Then, we sold both handmade and manufactured accessories, mainly catering to the pioneer group of buyers and sellers on Carousell. We also did a bunch of flea markets to reach out to younger crowds. 

Q: Did you always want to do this, or was it something that just happened naturally?

I’d say it was something that happened naturally, as customers began looking for items other than accessories and they proposed for us to try bringing in apparel too, which took off to good success.

Q: How would you describe your brand & your products?

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Affordable and trendy products for women of all ages. Anyone is welcome to buy and use them.

I believe in the philosophy of “retail therapy“,take for example you’re stressed out after a work day, and you see this cheap and lovely necklace on sale, why not buy it and make yourself happy?

Q: What is unique about your business that differentiates you from this very competitive industry?

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We are very attentive to customer needs, and the customer service team tries their best to accommodate your needs. Need an item urgently? Want it in another colour? Think you’ve got a good idea to contribute? We’re there to listen to you.

Often, people complain that online retailers do not have good customer service (rude personnel) or are slow to reply, but we strive to make sure your buying journey is smooth and stress-free.

Q: What is your ultimate goal or dream for Pyzis?

I’m hoping that this business will be able to have a chain of offline outlets and continue to expand beyond Southeast Asia.

Q: Euforia Singapore is a social enterprise with a mission to help Non-Profit Organisations and their members. Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) part of your plans for your brand?

Yep of course! One needs to acknowledge that with growth, there are social and environmental prices to pay, and we hope to lessen this price too. Currently, we involve local retirees who want an extra source of income in our logistics, manufacturing and customer service sections. 

Q: Can you share any of your personal volunteer or CSR-related experiences with our readers?

I’ve been pretty heavily involved in volunteering both locally and overseas, working with both grassroots and private organisations to organise events for the less fortunate (old folks, orphans). A couple of friends and I have organised charity sales and funfairs, flea markets, as well as environmental beautification, and these do make me believe that there’s plenty of things you can do for a community, whether big or small.

Q: Any final words for our readers?

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Do what makes you happy!

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