PLAIN SUPPLIES is a local independent label with a range of uniquely designed and meticulously manufactured accessories. We are happy to welcome their founder, Poh Shen, who has kindly shared with us more about PLAIN SUPPLIES and their products.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

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Founded in 2014, PLAIN SUPPLIES is a local independent label that was established to present goods premium accessories & goods that is made for everyone. Our accessories are uniquely designed and meticulously manufactured with only the finest materials to assure superior quality and durability. We are also spirited to curate an array of fine goods that will find its place in everyone’s collection of accessories that is versatile for everyday wear and fancy occasions.

Q: Can you tell us how PLAIN SUPPLIES started.

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What began with an interest in collecting watches, drew me to fulfil a dream of producing my very own line of watches that are a staple piece for everyone to wear on any occasion!

Q: Did you always want to do this, or was it something that just happened naturally?

Passion is what draws you to do things you’ve never expected yourself to do. 

Q: How would you describe your brand & your products?

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The accessories that PLAIN SUPPLIES carry, are made for everyone. We want everyone to know that our products/accessories are catered for anyone and everyone! And they can be worn on any occasion! 

Q: What is unique about your business that differentiates you from this very competitive industry?

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Our products/accessories are unisex, suitable for all girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends and buddies!

Q: What is your ultimate goal or dream for PLAIN SUPPLIES?

We aim to hit the International Market in the future! 

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